A Brief Introduction to Extract AI

A brief introduction to Extract AI.

At Extract AI, we believe that artificial intelligence can change the world, on a scale comparable to even the major technological revolutions of steam, electricity and the Internet. But the formidable cost of entry into a highly complex technology is limiting its usage to a select few multinational corporations with the vast resources to invest in it.

In a landmark economics study of the 1950s, Harvard economist Zvi Gilriches showed that the rate at which an innovation diffuses through an economy depends not on the innovation per se, but the economic situation of potential users in relation to the cost of the innovation. Gilriches induced this from the adoption of hybrid corn seedlings in agriculture. It is difficult to believe that, fast forward 6 decades, the 21st century world economy for all its vibrance, dynamism and juicy promises is still largely limited by this constraint. The latest innovations are still the exclusive purview of those who can afford them.

Extract AI: Democratizing the AI Industry

We want artificial intelligence to be different.

At Extract AI, our mission is to improve accessibility to AI for any business, large or small, and we aim to achieve this bydramatically reducing the upfront cost for a business to harness the power of AI. The status quo is such that any application of machine learning requires scarce and expensive human expertise at every point of the framework, from choosing a model to hyperparameter tuning. We will change that.

Our platform is powered by Automated Machine Learning. By automating all the decision making, Extract bypasses the need for hiring costly AI expertise. Instead, businesses can simply upload their datasets onto our platform and obtain the results they seek. By using our expertise and inbuilt infrastructure, businesses will instantly have access to the predictive power of AI without having to develop an, in-house, a complex and expensive ecosystem.

An AI-driven enterprise that harnesses all the benefits of Machine Learning will no longer be restricted to selected players. Any enterprise, big or small can now integrate AI into their business in a fast and easy way.

We are very excited to introduce our technology to businesses and would be more than happy to chat with you about how we can help you integrate AI into your enterprise, the fast and easy way. Contact us at [email protected]

You can't predict tomorrow. We can


Extract AI

Extract AI aims to democratise the AI industry, allowing any business to leverage on the benefits of AI. Together, we are building a world where you can predict tomorrow.