ExtractSME Dialogue Session | Millenia Walk | 15 Aug 2019

ExtractSME Dialogue Session | Millenia Walk

A dialogue session based on the general theme “Be Rendered Obsolete? Or Defeat Your Rivals With ExtractSME” was held at Millenia Walk on the 15th of August. A diverse range of SMEs, ranging from finance companies, marketing companies to e-commerce platform owners, participated in the event organised by Extract AI.

"" Be Rendered Obsolete? Or Defeat Your Rivals With ExtractSME.""
A theme that resonated very well with the audience members who, while fully aware of the need to upgrade to their enterprise to become an AI-powered one, were mainly unsure how to do so given the traditionally high integration costs for AI adoption.

The speakers at the event included Jervis Ong (University of Cambridge), Charles Chandar (Harvard University) & Patrick Tan (NTU). Many interesting questions were also raised in the Q&A session with the panelists.

Owing to the very encouraging response and demand from SMEs in knowing more about ExtractSME, Extract AI will be holding a follow up event to this dialogue session. For those that have signed up, invitations will be sent out very shortly while for those who are interested, stay tuned to our website for more details or sign up at this link

ExtractSME is an AI ecosystem being offered by Extract AI and is developed by an award winning team from Cambridge, MIT & Harvard. Based on Automated Machine Learning, it allows SMEs to harness the power of AI and achieve increased profits, increased operations productivity whilst preventing the best customers and talents from leaving for rivals.


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