New AI Research Scientist from Cambridge

New appointment of Chatura Samarakoon from Cambridge as AI Research Scientist at Extract AI

We’re glad to announce the expansion of our research team with the appointment of personalities who are a great fit with our lofty goals at Extract. Disrupting the field of artificial intelligence by dramatically lowering the cost of adoption will not happen without some radical innovation. The past experience of Chatura Samarakoon provides a clear idea of the direction in which we are heading. For those new to Extract AI, refer to our earlier introductory post. Otherwise, read on about Chatura, the latest addition to our team.

Given our value proposition, Extract highly treasures the new researcher’s expertise in machine learning. Chatura specialises in Machine Intelligence within the wider field of electronic engineering. His research focuses on the use of machine learning to design and control solid-state semiconductor devices.

Boasting a long record of academic and professional excellence, Chatura was a recipient of the Sir Frederick Mappin Medal and also nominated for the Sir Williams Siemens award. We are tremendously excited by new talent with a keen eye on the people that make up the market, an entrepreneurial streak and the requisite technical expertise. Here at Extract, we look forward to consistent innovation driven by personalities like Chatura.


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