New AI Research Scientist from MIT & Imperial

New appointment of Teh Jin Hui from Cambridge as AI Research Scientist at Extract AI

We’re glad to announce the appointment of a new research team with the appointment of two personalities who are a great fit with our lofty goals at Extract. Disrupting the field of artificial intelligence by dramatically lowering the cost of adoption will not happen without some radical innovation. Teh’s past experience provides a clear idea of the direction in which we are heading. For those new to Extract AI, refer to our earlier introductory post. Otherwise, read on about Teh’s appointment.

Given our value proposition, Extract AI highly treasures Teh’s expertise in machine learning. Prior to this, Teh was a UROP researcher at MIT and a MSci Chemistry candidate at Imperial College London. He is primarily interested in the use of automated machine learning to solve practical problems through scientific means — an objective he also seeks in research, having been involved in the Buchwald research group’s work on palladium complexes at MIT. Such innovation and research excellence has not gone unnoticed by the scientific community, with Teh being recently awarded the HVA Briscoe Prize and IROP Bursary Award.

Seeking and finding trained AI experts with a highly technical background in the application of machine learning techniques is already a hard task, but what appealed even more to us was the fact that Teh is not just a technician, but also an entrepreneur with a history of active involvement in innovation.

Prior to joining Extract AI, Teh was an Events Director at CIPTA (meaning “invent” in his native Malay), a UK-based nonprofit which organises annual innovation challenges with a focus on social impact. Ideas as wide-ranging as air purification, end of life care and underprivileged education have featured at past events.

We are tremendously excited by new talent with a keen eye on the people that make up the market, an entrepreneurial streak and the requisite technical expertise, and here at Extract we look forward to consistent innovation driven by personalities like Teh.


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