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ExtractEnergy is the most comprehensive AI-driven ecosystem, specifically developed to overcome the challenges faced by the oil and gas industry. By coupling the latest innovations in Automated Machine Learning, Computer Vision & Deep Learning, Extract Energy's complete suite of tools provide real time solutions to problems that previously required significant time to resolve.

Application areas can generally be divided into upstream, midstream and downstream.

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How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in oil and gas industry.
How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in oil and gas industry.


Sourcing Drilling Locations

Conventional geophysical based exploratory models inevitably provide false positives. The long and expensive nature of it also deters exploration of vast new promising frontier areas.

Extract Energy provides a solution to this. Advanced Computer Vision techniques are first used to automate the analysis of seismic and subsurface data charts. Based on previous attempts of subsurface characterization at well explored and documented areas, a predictive model is then built with our Automated Machine Learning technology for more remote and hard to reach locations.

Such AI-powered and data driven methods, when combined with physics and geological-based methods dramatically accelerates the process in pinpointing drilling opportunities and automatically weighs opportunity versus risk for any potential exploration.

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Predictive Maintenance

The oil and gas industry relies on a number of large and expensive machines. Most of the time, when these machines actually break down, it takes significant time and effort to repair them, resulting in costly delays. As part of Extract Energy's complete suite of AI-powered tools, our predictive maintenance system allows users to know where or when a breakdown will occur, before the the machine or infrastructure actually breaks down.

The system works by utilizing real time data obtained from sensors and drones, whereby every detail and pixel is automatically analyzed for anomalies with our Computer Vision technology. These are then combined with historical performance data and external factors such as environmental conditions to build a predictive model. Machines can be restored to full health before a fatal break down actually occurs.

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How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in oil and gas industry.
How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in oil and gas industry.


Corrosion Risk Analysis

Corrosion by crude oil on transport pipelines and surface equipment is a common problem the oil and gas industry faces.

This is, however, not an easy problem to tackle as the level of corrosion and subsequent solution depends on a wide variety of factors ranging from type of crude, crude chemical composition and even the environment it is transported/stored in. Failure to properly handle such a problem may often times lead to a diminished lifespan for expensive equipment and lower production efficiency.

Extract Energy's Automated Machine Learning technology allows proper analysis of historical data and real-time data from sensors. Confident and timely corrosion management decisions can now be made instantaneously. This ensures the lifetime of equipment and pipelines are extended at the lowest life-cycle cost.

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