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ExtractPharma is the most comprehensive AI-driven ecosystem, specifically developed to overcome the challenges faced in the Pharmaceutical industry. By coupling the latest innovations in Automated Machine Learning, Computer Vision & Deep Learning, ExtractPharma's complete suite of tools provide instant solutions to problems that previously required significant time to resolve.

Application areas can generally be divided into pharmaceutical research, diagnostics research, operations process & communications.

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How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in Pharmacy Industry.
How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in Pharmacy Industry.


Reduce Drug Discovery Times

It currently takes on average 15 years and a billion dollars for obtain a FDA approved drug through the conventional drug discovery pipeline. In particular, the first drug discovery phase takes around 3-5 years. There are many sub-processes within drug discovery which make it expensive and timely, and ExtractPharma’s comprehensive AI ecosystem simplifies and improves many of these sub-processes.

For example, obtaining the Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) for the different candidate compounds, or exploring potential compounds that adhere to fundamental principles such as ADMET or Lipinski’s Rules can all now be done in an automated way with a higher accuracy. Rather than relying on experience and manual attempts, de novo designs of chemical compounds with certain desired properties such as hydrophobicity can also be generated automatically, thus significantly reducing drug discovery times.

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Increase Diagnostics Accuracy & Automation

ExtractPharma is at the forefront of AI technology, and is able to tackle problems that would have been considered impossible to solve a few years ago. Via a combination of Automated Machine Learning and Computer Vision, early stage cancer prediction for example, can now be made with a much higher predictive accuracy compared to human physicians, which is particularly pivotal considering survivability rate drastically increases when cancer is predicted at an earlier stage.

Disease diagnosis can now also be automated and be made more accurately with ExtractPharma. This includes common diseases such as diabetes and will thus ensure that those responsible for diagnosis are not overworked and provides a check and balance to human decisions. Another area of application is in predicting disease propensity for a patient, allowing proactive measures to be taken before the disease actually sets in.

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How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in Pharmacy Industry.
How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in Pharmacy Industry.


Product Quality Control

Quality control of pharmaceutical products is extremely important, and this encompasses processes from quantity and condition detection to packaging inspection. For example, camera footage from the production line can be analysed in real-time by ExtractPharma, to detect the number of pills being dispensed into a container, and more importantly if any of these pills are damages or misshaped due to production defects. The production line can then be temporarily stopped to address these defects.

Packaging inspection is another important component of quality control, and ExtractPharma ensures that the quality guidelines such as the presence of child proof caps and correctly printed labels are adhered to. Any anomaly can be instantly detected, and the negative repercussions prevented. All of these ensures that the high standards and quality demanded on pharmaceutical products are always maintained at all times.

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