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ExtractSME is a product specifically developed for Small Medium Enterprises (SME) to thrive and defeat their competition. Extract AI's Automated Machine Learning technology powers this platform, and such an automation implies that there is no need for the user to have any prior AI knowledge when utilizing ExtractSME.

There are many different areas in which ExtractSME can help improve an SME, particularly so in the Marketing Department, Human Resources Department, Operations Department and Customer Retention Department.

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How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in SME.
How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in SME.


Increase Profits Instantaneously

Marketing is a very important area for many SMEs, but most SMEs have not started to harness the power of AI in this field. With ExtractSME, users will be able to identify marketing targets that will purchase a product/service, hence allowing resources to be focused on this particular group of people. The best method to market can also be identified with our multichannel marketing attribution tool. Marketing ROI will thus increase instantly, since time and resources are not being wasted on groups of people with a low success rate.

Additionally, ExtractSME is also able to help predict the best bidding price for GoogleAdwords with a few clicks, simplifying the complex process of building an accurate auction model that captures the ever-changing human behaviour.

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Prevent Customers & Talent From Leaving For Your Rivals

SMEs have traditionally been powerless when customers decide to switch to their rivals, but with ExtractSME's churn prediction capability, one will be able to predict which customers are leaving in a particular timeframe for another competitor. This allows you to take concrete steps to retain them before they actually leave.

Similarly, ExtractSME is also capable of predicting which staff members are leaving, thus providing you ample time to take proactive steps in ensuring the best talents remain in your company.

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How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in SME.
How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in SME.


Improve Operating Productivity

Operating procedures which normally take time to discuss and complete such as pricing decisions and methods to personalize a product can now be made instantly with higher accuracy. In particular, making the correct pricing decision is of pivotal importance as it directly affects whether a customer purchases a product/service.

ExtractSME's fraud detection tool can also help SMEs detect fraudulent transactions in an automated and accurate method, as compared to previously whereby this process might be both costly and tedious. This ensures that losses arising from fraud can be effectively prevented.

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Protect Your Data With Our Dual-Lock Mechanism

Any data being processed by ExtractSME will undergo a PCA transformation and subsequently an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption to ensure your data is always safe from compromise by external attackers and malicious insiders.

Our Automated Machine Learning platform is smart enough and will still be able to build predictive models and perform all the aforementioned tasks, even when your data has undergone our dual-lock transformation.

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How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in SME.

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