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Automated Machine Learning • Computer Vision • Deep Learning


Developed by the best brains from Cambridge, Harvard & MIT

ExtractSports is an AI-powered ecosystem specifically developed for sports predictive analytics. By combining the most advanced methods in Automated Machine Learning, Computer Vision & Deep Learning, ExtractSports provides an instant competitive edge to players/teams backed by this ecosystem.

There are many different areas in which ExtractSports can help improve player performance, but these can be generally divided into individual analysis, next gameplay prediction and overall strategy analysis.

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How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in Sports Industry.
How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in Sports Industry.


Understand Your Opponent, Understand Yourself

By utilizing Computer Vision techniques, ExtractSports is able to collect data about you and your opponent's typical gameplay pattern. Profiles can then be built, which allow you to better understand your opponents before you actually play them. For example, in badminton a particular player in a pair may be more fond of defending a particular side and weaker on the other side.

Your own profile can also be built to provide a better understanding of your own weaknesses and strength. Which positioning style most often result in points won or goals scored? Understanding all these will allow you to prepare and train beforehand, ensuring you will have a competitive advantage even before the game begins.

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Predict Their Next Move,
Plan Your Next Move

With Automated Machine Learning technology, ExtractSports is able to predict your opponent's next move based on his historical gameplay pattern. For example, in badminton you will be able to know an opponent's typical response when forced into a particular situation say when facing a flick serve, thus allowing you to plan in advance your own response.

Similarly, based on your own historical patterns, ExtractSports will be able to suggest best moves for you to end the rally/score a goal based on a particular situation. In competitive sports these millisecond advantages introduced by ExtractSports will ensure you always have the upper hand.

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How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in Sports Industry.
How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in Sports Industry.

Overall Strategy

Time Varying Strategies

In competitive sports it is often times normal to encounter an players who are constantly varying their strategies based on game time, or based on their opponent's profile.

For example in football a team might increase their passing speed near the 60th minute mark when players generally start to tire, or in badminton a player might change their gameplay to start focusing on longer rallies in the rubber game.

By understanding when your opponents typically alter their strategy, ExtractSports allows one to react accordingly before their opponents gain any advantage.

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