The most advanced AI powered
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for the utility industry.

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Developed by the best brains from Cambridge, Harvard & MIT

Extract Utility is the most comprehensive AI-driven ecosystem, specifically developed to overcome the challenges faced in the utility industry.

By coupling the latest innovations in Automated Machine Learning, Computer Vision & Deep Learning, Extract Utility's complete suite of tools provide real time solutions to problems that previously required significant time to resolve.

Application areas can generally be divided into generation, transmission & distribution and renewable energy.

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How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in Utility Industry.
How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in Utility Industry.


Forecast Load Accurately

Load forecasting is an important process in the utility industry as it is used to make generation & purchasing decisions, decide on load switching, and prevent overloading. It is a complex multi-variable and multi-dimensional estimation problem that cannot be accurately handled by conventional methods such as time series or regression.

Extract Utility's advanced Automated Machine Learning technology provides a solution to this, as its load forecasting tool is much better at building a predictive model that encapsulates complex variables such as weather conditions and previous electricity trends. Such an AI-powered and data driven method, when combined with physics-based methods accelerates and improves load forecasting, enabling utility companies to transit to a more efficient smart-grid system and improve their profits at the same time.

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Repair Before It Breaks Down

The utility industry relies heavily on generation plants and transmission lines. When such infrastructure break down, power outages occur and it takes significant time and effort to repair them, resulting in costly delays. As part of Extract Utility's complete suite of AI-powered tools, our predictive maintenance system allows users to know where or when a breakdown will occur, before the infrastructure actually breaks down.

The system works by utilizing real time data obtained from sensors and drones, whereby every detail and pixel is automatically analyzed for anomalies with our Computer Vision technology. These are then combined with historical performance data and external factors such as environmental conditions to build a predictive model. Machines in the generation plants or transmission infrastructure can be restored to full health before a fatal power outage actually occcurs.

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How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in Utility Industry.
How can Extract AI and Automated Machine Learning be used in Utility Industry.


Prevent Energy Theft

Energy theft is a very common problem the utility industry faces, whereby users interfere with the electric revenue meter or simply bypass the energy around the meter. Utility companies are typically quite conservative on this matter, since energy theft is mostly 'out-of-sight' it is also 'out-of-mind'. Moreover, there is no comprehensive mechanism to detect energy theft and it does not make economic sense to inspect every single electricity transaction for theft.

Extract Utility's theft detection tool can help detect potential theft occurences in an automated and accurate method that is neither costly nor tedious. This allows dedicated units to only investigate when anomalies are identified. Resources are thus only deployed when the return on investigative investment is high allowing utility companies to prevent material losses assoaciated with energy theft.

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