The most advanced AI ecosystem,
developed by an award winning team
from Cambridge, MIT & Harvard.

Automated Machine Learning • Computer Vision • Deep Learning

Be rendered obsolete?
Or defeat your rivals with Extract AI.

Why Extract AI?

Increased Earnings

Increased Profits, Reduced Operations Costs

Regardless of which Extract AI product you decide to utilize, the final goal is similar - increased profits for your enterprise. With ExtractSME, SMEs can increase sales and productivity instantly whilst simultaneously solving problems such as fraudalent transactions and staff turnover.

With specialized products such as ExtractEnergy, our AI backed ecosystem solves the most challenging problems within your industry, allowing you to reduce operating costs and improve profits at the same time.

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New predictive accuracies achieved with Extract AI's Automated Machine Learning platform.
Extract AI's Automated Machine Learning technology will revolutionize AI adoption for businesses.

Advanced Tech

The Most Advanced AI Powered Tech, At Your Disposal

Developed by an award winning team from Cambridge, MIT & Harvard, all of Extract AI's products leverage the latest innovations within the AI sphere. Our Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) technology negates the need for any human AI expertise, allowing SME owners with no prior AI knowledge to harness the power of AI via ExtractSME.

The power of AutoML is also combined with the most advanced Computer Vision and Deep Learning techniques to solve the most challenging problems certain industries face. These are all encapsulated into comprehensive AI powered ecosystems such as ExtractEnergy, specifically curated towards addressing industry-specific challenges.

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Data Privacy & Security

Enhanced security for your data.

At Extract AI, we have a dedicated data privacy group to ensure that your data remains secure. Your data will never be shared with third-parties, and our enhanced network security features protects data from compromise by external attackers and malicious insiders.

Any data that goes through our platform, whether it is via ExtractEnergy or ExtractSME or any other products, will undergo a PCA transformation and are also Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encrypted to ensure a double lock security mechanism.

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Enhanced data protection and privacy with Extract AI.

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